5 ways to stop procastinating

5 ways to stop procrastinating

“Why do today what can be done tomorrow”.

Could this have been written about you?  We’re all good at putting stuff off.  Sometimes its small inconsequential things like sorting out the ‘man drawer’ in the kitchen.  Sometimes it’s much bigger stuff like getting fit or having a difficult conversation.   Often we put stuff to avoid discomfort.   But if we look at the bigger picture what’s the impact of repeatedly putting stuff off?  Chances are things don’t go away – they only get bigger.

Here are some tips to help you start doing:

  1. Focus on the benefit not the pain.  Sometimes we avoid stuff because we know it’s going to hurt – either emotionally or physically.  Think instead about what you’re going to gain.
  2. Stop and review.  When we fill our days with activities we can feel as if we’re far too busy to take on any more.  Stopping and looking at how we’re spending our time can highlight time wasted or mis-spent.
  3. The 5-minute rule.  Sometimes it’s the getting started that’s the tough part.  Or thinking that we have to complete the job in one go.  Instead try committing to 5 minutes of a task.  Can’t be bothered going for a run?  Just put your trainers on and decide to go for a brisk walk around the block.  Once you’re out there and have got going you might decide to keep going.  Or you might not.  At least you’ve done something though.
  4. Reward yourself.  If you pick up the phone and have that conversation you’ve been putting off – treat yourself to a cocktail in a swanky bar.  Just make sure the reward is in proportion to what you’ve achieved!
  5. What’s the impact on tomorrow going to be?  Yes you can put off finishing that project but if you could go forward in time – what would you be saying to yourself?  Just do it.

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