Management Development

I’ve been a manager and worked with managers for over 16 years. The biggest challenge I find is that people have been promoted to the role of manager because they’re brilliant at their job, or it’s what they have to do to get up the next run of the career ladder – but just because you’re great at your job doesn’t mean you automatically make a great manager. It’s a big role and often people are left with little support and have to learn as they go.

Both new and experienced managers can benefit from some time to learn new or refresh their skills and think about how they can be the best manager possible. It’s time to sharpen your management pencil and stand out from the crowd.

A selection of topics that I run include

  • Influencing – Most of us have a default way of trying to influence others. By adapting our influencing approach and building an influencing strategy we can get more of what we want.
  • Motivation – no matter how great your job is it’s hard to feel motivated all of the time. Understanding what makes different people tick is the key to discovering how to keep them motivated. And no, it’s not about money!
  • Feedback – sometimes referred to as the ‘F’ word. Giving feedback can be challenging even for the most seasoned manager. Most of us do it badly if at all. Feedback done well can increase performance by up to 39%. What’s not to love about that?
  • Having difficult conversations – we all need to have them. Often its knowing where to begin that’s the hardest part. Using a simple framework we discover how to structure what we want to say and how to deal with others reactions.
  • Setting goals – To get anywhere in life it helps to have a clear plan and set of goals. Rather than wishy-washy ‘I’d like to…’ we explore how to create robust goals that will stretch and challenge – and make you much more likely to succeed.
  • Time management – The amount of time we have available to us is fixed, but how we use it is up to us. Discover the time bandits that steal your time away and make sure you’re spending time wisely.
  • New manager courses – Helps new managers navigate their way through the pitfalls that may await e.g .how do you go from being a buddy to a boss? What expectations do your team have of you and vice versa? We uncover all this and more.

Delivering Solutions

  • I’ve worked with a range of different companies developing their managers. This can take the form of:
  • short sharp 2-3 hour session focusing on a specific skill
  • 2-3 day courses covering several areas
  • a modular approach with courses spread over several months giving managers the opportunity to put their new skills into practice and review their progress.

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