Stress Management

Most people report feeling stressed from time to time. Stress can be a good thing – we need it to perform at our very best. However when those feelings of stress turn to strain it hinders performance – not to mention damaging our health in the long-term.

An ICM poll showed that 26% of workers said they had fallen ill as a result of workplace stress and the Health and Safety Executive says one in five workers say they are “very” or “extremely” stressed at work. Stress costs the UK economy over £3.7 billion every year.

Responsible employers have found that taking a proactive approach to managing stress by introducing stress-management interventions brings about enhanced performance, health and well-being.

I run practical workshops and 1:1 sessions that are straight-talking and to the point. You won’t find me wafting incense or meditating for hours in any of my workshops (though I’m not adverse to either in my own time!) We focus instead on:

  • Understanding the physiological and psychological changes that happen when you’re under stress
  • Identifying where your stress is coming from
  • Recognising the early warning signs – the ‘tipping point’
  • Practical coping strategies for managing your own stress levels


Choosing the right tactic to help you manage your stress is like choosing the perfect accessory – it’s got to match the outfit and be appropriate for the occasion. This workshop is all about finding the right tactics for you. Don’t get stressed – get sorted!


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