Team Building


Teams just don’t happen. Building a team that can work together towards a common goal, whilst still achieving individual goals takes time, thought and determination.

You may have a team made up of individual superstars but if they’re not working together the collective results of the team will only ever be mediocre.

There are a number of great tools that can help you understand the dynamic of the team that you work in:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – is a great tool for finding out more about what makes you and others tick. It helps to uncover how a team can complement one another and how diversity can be a great thing.
  • Team mission and vision – getting the team together and really nutting out what you’re all about, what values you stand by and what individual accountabilities are is a great place for any team to start. Maybe you’re a new team and need to set direction or maybe you’re an established team and have lost your way a bit? Get the team back on track with a renewed sense of vigour.
  • Belbins – are you a Plant? Maybe you’re more of a Resource Investigator? Whatever your preferred way of working you can discover what you bring to a team and how others view you. Making the most of who you have in the team and playing to strengths helps the team succeed.
  • Team Activities – taking the team through a series of exercises and challenges (indoor or outdoor) is a great way to put learning into practice. It’s also a great way of inspiring the team and renewing their enthusiasm. Fear not – a tracksuit isn’t necessarily required – activities can be done in the comfort of your conference room. (I do have Outdoor events contacts that I use should you wish to get more physical).

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss creating a team event that’s perfect for you and your team

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