Customer service

Over 80% of companies believe that they offer great customer service. It’s a shame that only 8% of customers agree.

Research shows that people buy people first and product second. You can have the best product or service in the world but without staff who provide great customer service your results may only ever be mediocre.

My experience in Customer Service comes from working for over 8 years in retail, and spending the last 7 years looking after my own customers. Getting staff to see service through the eyes of a customer is the first step in helping them understand the impact that they can have.

We then go on to explore ways that we can:

  • greet the customer to make them feel welcome
  • offer help that goes beyond the “can I help you” – “no” exchange
  • find out what they need versus what they want
  • look for ways to offer products or services that complement their purchase
  • make them feel great about their purchase
  • make them want to come back for more


Do get in touch now if you’d like to find out how you can offer first class service to your customers.

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